Which Eovaldi is the real Eovaldi?

Nathan Eovaldi’s first 13 starts of 2015: 5 wins, 2 losses, 5.12 ERA, 97 hits allowed in 70.1 innings.

Nathan Eovaldi’s final 14 starts of 2015: 9 wins, one loss, 3.43 ERA, 78 hits allowed in 84 innings.

Nathan Eovaldi’s first 10 starts of 2016: 6 wins, 2 losses, 3.71 ERA, 56 hits allowed in 60.2 innings.  His last 5 starts of that stretch: 5-0, 2.03 ERA.

Nathan Eovaldi’s last three starts: 0 wins, 1 loss, 9.82 ERA, 26 hits allowed in 14.2 innings.

There has never been any question about Eovaldi’s raw ability, especially with his fastball velocity often reaching triple digits, but he has thus far been unable to maintain consistency – alternating between very good-to-dominant and very bad-to-awful.

The New York Yankees currently sit at 34-34, just 5.5 games out with 13 weeks to play, but the team may have even less time to make up ground in the standings.  There are a little over five weeks until the trading deadline, and if the team is going to contend, they will need to start making up about a game per week.    If the Yankees are to contend this year, they will need Eovaldi to right the ship and find consistency.  If he does not, the Yankees will be unlikely to make a playoff push and Eovaldi could find himself on the trade block.


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