Is Wil Myers a fit for the Yankees?

First base for the Yankees has been a merry-go-round in 2016.  Mark Teixeira began the season hot, then slumped mightily before injuring his knee and is now on the comeback trail.  Chris Parmalee made a brief cameo and showed off some power before injuring his hamstring.  Rob Refsnyder and Ike Davis have recently split time at first base to mixed results, though Refsnyder has proven he is a big league hitter.

One player that has been rumored to be a fit for the Yankees is Wil Myers, but I don’t see that being a realistic option.

While Myers (25) has certainly bounced back and had an All Star caliber season for the struggling Padres (.292 avg, 16 HR, 44 RBI, 9 SB in 69 games), his price tag is going to be expensive, and the Yankees simply do not want to part with young players at this point. Another factor is Greg Bird, who is going to miss all of 2016 with shoulder surgery, but has a swing made for Yankee Stadium and is even younger than Myers.

In order to improve their struggling offense for a divisional run in 2017, the Yankees should focus on getting a good return for Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman.  They should also look to deal Beltran as soon as Aaron Judge is ready, and even see if there is interest in Brett Gardner.   This team likely cannot win the championship as currently constructed, and it is in their best interest to not take any half-measures when trying to improve for 2017.


One thought on “Is Wil Myers a fit for the Yankees?

  1. dad

    The yankees can forget about winning with this team. It’s time to thank Beltran, Sabathia and Elsbury for their service and get whatever prospects they can in trades.


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