Will the Yankees Blow it Up?

After another disappointing loss to the pitiful Minnesota Twins, the Yankees have fallen back to .500 at 37-37.  Coupled with a win from the red-hot Orioles, the Yankees now sit 7.5 games back of first place in the east.  It’s looking more and more like the Yankees should attempt to get some value out of their assets to re-build for the future or try to re-load with some young MLB-ready players for 2017.

Here are the players whom the Yankees should consider unloading:

Carlos Beltran:
Beltran has been, without a doubt, the Yankees best hitter in 2016.  He’s clobbered 19 home runs and has made solid contact from both sides of the plate.  Several teams, mostly American League teams, would be interested in Beltran’s bat enough to give the Yankees at least a mid-level prospect or a bullpen arm.

Aroldis Chapman:
A few contenders are in need of bullpen help, notably the Cubs, Nationals and Marlins.  A bidding war could actually bring the Yankees a decent MLB-ready prospect.  The Yankees will likely seek a AAA starting pitcher with a nice upside, or an MLB ready bat.

Andrew Miller:
He is possibly even better than Chapman, though less exciting.  He is also under team control for another two years. Would likely bring back more than Chapman.

Brian McCann:
Still one of the game’s better defenders, though his bat has dwindled.  The Yankees would likely move McCann in a heartbeat just to unload his salary.  He has 2 years remaining after 2016.

Brett Gardner:
Gardner has been just solid enough of late to have a little trade value, and the Yankees should look to take advantage of it.  He likely wouldn’t bring back much in return, but it’s a good chance to hit the ‘reset’ button.

Honorable mentions: Aaron Hicks, CC Sabathia, Starlin Castro and Chase Headley could all likely be dealt, though none of them would bring back very much in return. Still, a lot of these moves would be worth making just to get some fresh blood on the roster and dump some salary commitments.




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