After Split with Best Team in Baseball, the Yankees Head West

The Yankees are back to .500, as they have been several times this season.   They head west to take on the San Diego Padres, needing a sweep to finally put some distance between themselves and the .500 mark.

If the Yankees can manage a sweep with Nathan Eovaldi and Ivan Nova, who have been struggling, Chad Green, who was awful in his only MLB start, they would have a five game winning streak and be closing in on a 2nd wild card spot.   However, if they lose the series or get swept, it will likely be the final declaration of what this team probably is, a mediocre ballclub.

Alex Rodriguez and Carlos Beltran are likely both unavailable on Friday night, meaning the Yankees are essentially playing with a 2-3 man bench, depending on roster moves. The Big Three should be pretty rested, meaning if Eovaldi can work a solid 6 innings and the offence and put some runs on the board, the Yankees should be in a position to at least take game one of the series.


One thought on “After Split with Best Team in Baseball, the Yankees Head West

  1. While discussing Michael Pinada’s deadly slider, Michael Kay noted that Pineda had huge hands which measured 10″ from finger tips to wrist! On behalf of all mankind…thank you Mike for not becoming a proctologist


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