Replacement Players

According to Fangraphs, the Yankees odds to win the AL East is down to 1.8% and their odds to even make the 2nd Wild Card spot is down to 6.3%.  It’s time to see what some youth can do.  Here are the players who should be replaced, and who the better options should be:


Player: Brian McCann
Should Be Replaced By: Gary Sanchez

McCann is once again hovering around .230 in 2016.  He does have 13 home runs, but they have come in bunches.   He is signed through 2018 but still has some trade value due to his solid catching skills and the lack of offense from the catcher position throughout baseball. He is already a catcher in his 30s and is unlikely to improve.

Sanchez, however, is just 23 years old and has been improving mightily in 2015-2016.  In his second go-round at AAA he is batting .281 with 9 HR, and 37 RBI in just 55 games.  He missed some time with a fractured thumb, but has come back strong, batting .319 over the last 10 games.

Player: Brett Gardner
Should Be Replaced By: Ben Gamel

Gardner is  what he is.  A solid left fielder who will occasionally have a hot streak with the bat, but ultimately he’s been a .263 hitter for his career.  Over the last 3 years, he’s batting .257, and while his power spiked the last two years, it has come back down to Earth in 2016.  He’s 32 years old and also signed through 2018.

Ben Gamel is just 24 years old and is proving that his 2015 production in AAA is no fluke (he batted .300 with 10 HR and was excellent defensively).  He is once again hitting .300 in 2016 and has already stolen 13 bases.

Player: Carlos Beltran
Should Be Replaced By: Aaron Judge

Beltran has been great this season and will likely bring back at least one decent prospect or bullpen arm from a playoff contender.  He’s 39 years old and has no future with the Yankees.  His contract expires after this season.

Aaron Judge is batting just .265 but leads AAA with 16 home runs and is a much better defensive player than Beltran with surprising speed and a great arm.

Player: Nathan Eovaldi
Should Be Replaced By: Chad Green

Green has already temporarily taken Eovaldi’s spot in the rotation, but the Yankees should make it permanent.   Eovaldi averaged 100.1 MPH on his fastball during his 2-inning stint out of the bullpen last night, and got zero swings and misses.  He’s just too hittable.

Green may not be a big name prospect, but he pitched very well in AAA and has upside.  He’s worth a look.

Player: Starlin Castro
Should Be Replaced By: Rob Refsnyder

Castro has been solid, and would likely have some trade value.  However Refsnyder has done nothing but hit in the big leagues, and has earned more at bats.

Castro is batting .258 with a .295 OBP.   He does have 10 home runs, but has been terrible on the bases.

Refsnyder has had limited playing time, but is batting .288 with a .354 OBP and 8 doubles in 73 AB.

Player: CC Sabathia
Should Be Replaced By: Luis Severino

Sabathia has been much better than anticipated this season, but his best days are behind him.  Severino struggled early in 2016, but his best days are ahead of him.  Deal with the growing pains, and let Severino learn on the big league level.  Dominating AAA hitters will not help him improve.



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