It’s Time to End the Aaron Hicks Experiment

Aaron Hicks is about as useful as Anne Frank’s drum kit.

Amazingly, Aaron Hicks was a first round draft pick in 2008 (14th overall by the Twins).

During his first season with the Twins in 2013, he played in 81 games, batted .192, with an on-base percentage of .259, just 8 home runs, and 84 strikeouts. In other words, he was awful.

He followed that season up with a 69 game stretch in 2014 in which he batted .215 with just 1 HR and 18 RBI.

Finally, in 2015, it seemed as if things had begun to turn around for him – he batted .256 with 11 HR in 390 AB.  He also stole 13 bases and cut his strikeouts down to 66.

The Twins, finally seeing their first round draft pick blooming into a solid every day player, signed him to a long-term extension before his numbers really took off!

Just kidding. They traded him for a backup catcher.

And Aaron Hicks has gone back to being a useless, terrible player.  His average is down to .195, he has failed to hit for any power with just 4 HR, and is 0-for-3 in stolen base attempts.

Last night he misplayed a ball that may have led to 2-runs, something that has become commonplace for Hicks in 2016, as even his defense has been shaky.

If the Yankees are truly trying to give the kids a chance, it’s time to stop it with the half-measures, and send Hicks back to the Sticks.


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