Sanchez is the Man-chez

If it seems as if Gary Sanchez has been around for a while, despite having played in only 11 MLB games, it’s because he has.

Gary Sanchez first appeared on a Yankees top prospect list in 2011, right around the same time Jesus Montero was the Yankees top catching prospect.  Sanchez batted .329 in his first taste of professional baseball as a 17 year old.   In 2012, he batted .290 with 18 HR and 85 RBI in A-Ball, but struggled in 2013 when he had his first taste of AA.

After a mediocre 2014 season in Double-A Trenton, batting .270 with 13 HR, he began to fall on the prospect charts, only to bounce back with a monster 2015 split between Double-A and Triple-A (18 HR in 93 games), eventually earning a brief MLB cup of coffee.

This year he got off to a slow start in Scranton before catching fire, and has continued his hot streak in the Bigs, posting four titanic home runs in just 49 at bats.

Can he keep it up? No, he cannot keep up this pace, but he is proving that his bat has legitimate big league power, and he’s likely to earn more at bats as the Yankees try to decide what to do with he and Brian McCann, who has 2 years and 34 million remaining on his contract.



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