Pineda Struggles & Yankees Fall in Standings

For a brief moment during the height of Gary Sanchez’s emergence and the stellar pitching of Luis Cessa and Chad Green, the Yankees looked to be contenders once again. Monday night, Michael Pineda reminded everyone why the Yankees are $220 million pretenders.

Pineda struggled in the first inning, allowing 3 runs to the red hot World Champion Royals, and ultimately allowed 5 runs in just over 5 innings.  He also struck out eight and walked none, a perfect microcosm of his season so far: enough stuff to wiff batters, not enough brains to keep the ball out of the middle of the plate.

Other notes:

  • Aaron Judge struck out twice and is now 9-for-46 (.196) with 22 strikeouts, as major league pitchers appear to be exploiting weaknesses in his approach.  Judge has struggled a little at each level, though, before putting things together.
  • Tyler Austin picked up two hits and is now 6-for-32 (.188).
  • The Yankees may call up Jonathan Holder from AAA.  Holder, a former starter that has been turned into a relief pitcher, has been dominant.  After striking out 11 consecutive batters on Sunday, he has 101 strikeouts in just 65 minor league innings.
  • The Yankees are 3.5 games back of the 2nd wild card spot and 7.5 games back in the AL East with 32 games to play.  To ensure a playoff birth, the Yankees will likely need to win at a pace they have not done all season.


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