How many HR can the Yankees hit in 2017?

In 2016, the Yankees finished 11th in the American League in home runs with 183 and 12th in runs with 680. Their anemic offense was partially due to abysmal seasons from Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixiera, neither of whom is an active MLB player in 2017, who were statistically the worst two hitters in the American League.

How will the 2017 offense fare in comparison? Rarely does an entire lineup remain healthy for an entire season, but here are some optimistic projections for home run totals from their everyday lineup in 2017:

Gardner: 10
Didi: 18
Sanchez: 30
Bird: 27
Judge: 25
Holiday: 22
Castro: 18
Headley: 14
Ellsbury: 9

Hicks: 7
Carter: 15
Romine: 2
Torreyes: 1
Others: ~5

If these numbers hold true, that will add up to 203 homers in 2017, or roughly between what the Twins (200) and Red Sox (208) featured in 2016 when each of which significantly outscored the Yankees.

If the Yankees can get this production and at least live up to last year’s pitching, which wasn’t great either, they should improve in 2017.


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