April Rotation Report

Folks, we are nearing the end of April and we have seen some encouraging and discouraging things throughout the rotation.

Luis Severino looks like he might be developing into one of the best young pitchers in baseball, and he has been very consistent in 2017.

CC Sabathia appears to have turned a corner into a full-on Jamie Moyer type of pitcher, granted his fastball still is a bit better. He consistently induces soft contact, and though he rarely will put up big strikout numbers, he seems to be on track to becoming a consistent and reliable pitcher – as long as he can stay healthy.

Jordan Montgomery, though a small sample size, appears to be for real. He will likely not dominate the way that Severino can, but he throws strikes, keeps the ball down, and has several pitches to choose from. Again, if he stays healthy he can keep the team in the game and give the nasty bullpen a chance if the Yankees can put some runs on the board.

Masahiro Tanaka was terrible his first few times out, and has shown to be streaky in his career – not just in the MLB, but in Japan as well. When he goes on hot streaks, he tends to stay on them for a while. His cold streaks generally last 2-4 starts. He appears to be putting it together and the results have improved. A great start against the Red Sox tonight would be a sign that he has turned the corner and is about to go on a run for 4-5 more starts.

Michael Pineda has been slightly more consistent in 2017. He appears to be commanding his pitches a little better and using his changeup a little more. I am not personally sold that it will last, because we have seen this before. I think the best case scenario for Pineda is to have 3.5 really good months, and then to deal him at the deadline and call up Chad Greene or Luis Cessa. I think that if he is dealing at the level he is now for the next few months, he can bring back a decent prospect or two and a bullpen arm.


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